Why is the voter a human garbage?

Michal Kodnar Sep 30, 2023 5 min read

“Calling a mad barbaric ritual a system does not make a mad barbaric ritual a system…”

Elections mean nothing to me personally, they don’t make sense to me, and if someone convinces me that I should vote, I’m usually disappointed that the person in question doesn’t persuade me to participate in some other nonsensical ritual that is less barbaric instead. For example, some African tribal ritual, or a Jan Terri concert, or putting make up on Joe Biden’s skin.

The meme ecosystem is a bitch. Different things “make sense” to each of us, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, there are also people who find meaning in barbarities; hence, rituals that can directly threaten the freedom and well-being of others – and hence, there are also people who still feel the need to participate in the ritual of voting.

I will not go into why exactly these people do this in this article. Rather, I will discuss why I consider this particular ritual to be barbaric and why I have ventured to label its practitioners as human garbage – a synonym for unethical monsters whose psychopathic and depraved actions destroy the lives of other people whose only interest is to exist freely.

Why are voters worse than “criminals”?

Voters are a branch of people so incredibly narrow-minded that they themselves consider, for example, a guy who runs a drug business (and has had nothing but positive feedback on his business from customers) to be a criminal worthy of punishment, whereas they will voluntarily give their vote to a politician in an election so that he can distribute the stolen money at his discretion.

(A politician’s “discretion” is largely determined by his ability to convince the masses that his vision of how to distribute the stolen money is the right one).

Most drug dealers, prostitutes, or members of any other profession – which are perceived by the voters as inferior – are undoubtedly more virtuous than any government employee, since these people, unlike government employees, trade only with what is rightfully theirs and only with those who want to trade with them.

The exemplary citizen of the republic who gets up at six o’clock every morning for work, pays his taxes, votes for political party XY and goes to church on Sunday is far more despicable and poses a far greater threat to humanity than any promiscuous prostitute or any meth dealer. Prostitutes and meth dealers are more willing to let other people go free. Human garbage like voters, however, do not do that.

Who is a voter?

The difference between a voter and a common thief is that a thief has the decency to commit the crimes himself, while every voter whines for the government to do the stealing for him.

Voters have no problem defending any theft, assault, or even murder, but accept no responsibility for it. They prefer to pass the responsibility on to the masses and on to the specific perpetrators of the crime, whom they themselves elect to perform the crime.

The old voters want the government to steal from their children so they can get their monthly check. Middle-aged voters, in turn, want all their peers to be robbed because their money can pay for their children’s schools, and so on.

In fact, voters always vote for the very monopoly crook who promises to steal from other people to pay for what the voters themselves want.

Voters are demanding that people who behave in ways voters do not approve of be rounded up and locked up by the government, feeling no guilt for the countless lives their decisions have destroyed. They are psychopaths without a shred of self-reflection.

Some voters even proudly support soldiers who will instantly kill anyone their rulers tell them to kill.

Moreover, voters are people who undoubtedly like to play with terms. If they call murder “war” and theft “tax”, the meaning of these terms automatically loses its negative connotation for them.

Voters think that the monopoly crooks, whom they virtuously call politicians, make it possible for civilization to function. Because of the absurdity of their belief, they call pseudo-religious barbaric rituals in which politicians make decisions about other people’s lives within an arbitrary unit of time “the law.” Voters treat the results of these pseudo-religious rituals as if they were moral edicts from the gods that no decent person would even consider disobeying.

Voters have been so indoctrinated by the cult of state worship that they rarely take seriously a sane individual who honestly states the blatantly obvious. The average voter is unaware of the simple fact that if political crooks declare their threats to be law, it does not automatically mean that any human being anywhere in the world has the slightest moral obligation to obey it.

In every situation, a person has a moral obligation to do only what he or she believes to be right, not what the ruler declares to be lawful. But something like this requires taking responsibility for one’s own life, which is something voters try to avoid.

Voters are very fond of proclaiming how proud they are to be law-abiding citizens, while readily expressing their utter contempt for anyone who considers themselves “above” their “laws” – that is, laws that are nothing more than a practical representation of the selfish appetites of psychopathic bullies and thieves.

The voter’s perception is so badly distorted that if the state uses violence, the voter himself imagines it as something justifiable – and vice versa – if someone opposes state violence, then in the eyes of the voter such a person is automatically a criminal.

The psychopathic side of the voter has practically no limits – even in the case of the use of violence, the voter himself does not feel responsible for the fact that he contributed to the violent situation by his vote in a given barbaric ritual.

Voters even like to label anarchists, voluntarists, or libertarians as criminals; that is, people who themselves are willing to initiate violence if and only if it is in self-defense.

How are the voters born?

Voters actively build the meme ecosystem and the meme ecosystem actively creates them. It all starts by making slaves out of newborn babies who, over time, are forced to spend their time in institutions that subliminally impose their psychopathic and deluded worldview on them. In these slave institutions, young slaves are, on the one hand, brought up to conform and to believe that ‘violence is not the solution’, but on the other hand, government violence in the form of regulation, monitoring and taxation is presented to them as a necessity.

Such a system, in short, produces people who are taught that rulers can use violence whenever they like, while slaves should never resist.

The slaves consequently live their entire lives believing that the government is an omnipresent entity that can be changed in character just by participating in the barbaric ritual of elections.

Protect yourselves and your loved ones. Never allow your children to be in contact with a voter.

Voters think they can change the meme ecosystem by electing people who are themselves destined to create that ecosystem. Don’t be as stupid and primitive as the voters. Create your own meme ecosystem – not by voting or other barbaric violence – but by building relationships. Form parallel communities and build network states! The new meme ecosystems will thank you 🙂

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