How to Get Free Bitcoins and Dogecoins

There’s nothing really 100% free in this world, but in this case, the only investment you’ll need is a little bit of your time.

If you are like me and spend most of the day by the computer this method will not cost you much time anyway.

How it works

In order to get free Bitcoins (BTC) and Dogecoins (simply DOGE) you’ll have to play a little lottery game once every hour.

The purpose of the game is to roll the nearest number to 10 000. Based on the number you’ve rolled you can earn couple of satoshis (1 satoshi is 0.00000001 BTC) up to $200 worth of BTC or DOGE.

Before you can start playing you need to get a bitcoin wallet first.I’d recommend using Electrum so you don’t have to wait couple of days to weeks in order to get your blockchain synchronised.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand me, just follow this "getting started" guide.

Do exactly the same for Dogecoin by installing MultiDoge wallet.

Once you have everything set up, sign up on the following websites using your wallet’s addresses and password of your choosing:

Let’s play the game

After you’re signed up and logged in, all you need to do is just solving Captcha and rolling all over again.

As I said earlier you can only play once every hour, that’s why I recommend you to check the "Play sound when timer runs out" checkbox, so you’ll get a sound notification whenever there’s a next turn available.

Click the "Test sound" to see if you are able to hear it.


Play for a couple of days so you earn as much coins as possible. The more the better.

Hack it a little

DISCLAIMER: I’m not responsible for anything, this article is just for studying purposes!

If you have at least let’s say 0.00015000 BTC and 210 DOGE move to the next step where the real fun begins.

Go to the second tab (“MULTIPLY BTC” and "MULTIPLY DOGE" respectively) and make sure all the settings are as follows:


Download my scripts for each cryptocurrency:

Now you need to run the scripts in a developer console for each website separately. I find Google Chrome’s console the easiest to use so I’ll stick with it for this example. Of course you can use any browser as long as it’s capable of running javascript from its console.

Of course you can use any browser as long as it’s capable of running javascript from its console.

  1. Open up the console by hitting Ctrl+Shift+J
  2. Copy and paste the script to the console
  3. Type startGame()
  4. Watch as your coins get’s multiplied
  5. Type stopGame() if you think you won enough


I’ll explain further how it works.

I guess you all heard about martingale strategy. In short it’s a strategy when you bet double your previous bet every time you lose.

Let’s say you have 5000 DOGE and start your bet at 1 DOGE. If you lose, you have 4998 DOGE.

To cut the losses in the future you have to bet double the initial bet, in your case 2 DOGE. If you win, you earn 4 DOGE, therefore you’re back at 5000 Dogecoins.

See the following table:



Both of the scripts have couple of options that you can use to tweak how much risk you will take. The more you risk the faster you earn, but the script is not thoroughly tested so don’t go too wild or you might lose most of your coins. I’ll explain each options in detail.

The more you risk the faster you earn, but the script is not thoroughly tested so don’t go too wild or you might lose most of your coins.

I’ll explain each options in detail.

  • startValue - initial value at which the game starts. In general don’t set it to a higher value than your current amount of coins divided by 1000. E.g.: if you have 500 DOGE, set it below 0.5
  • stopPercentage - current bet percentage of the current balance at which the script is getting a "stop signal” and will eventually stop at the next winning bet. For example the script will terminate when your bet hits 10 DOGE while percentage is set to 0.1 and your balance is 10000 DOGE. I’d recommend you to start at much lower value and then scaling it up for better performance.
  • maxWait - maximum value of randomly generated time in milliseconds after a new bet gets executed. Don’t set it too low otherwise you might be suspicious.
  • stopBefore - number of minutes before rolling is over and you’ll get redirected to the game page to do a new roll. You need to run the script manually after every rolling. If the script didn’t stop the game automatically you could lost lots of money while being redirected at middle of the game.

Let me know how the scripts work for you. Also feel free to modify (and share) it as much as you like. Enjoy!

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