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Running an OpenBazaar store comes with its challenges. Often the biggest issues are counterparties that don't want to release funds or deliver the promised goods and services.

We are here to help you mitigate these risks by moderating all your trades. When issues arise we'll provide you assistance as per our moderation policy and will make sure your bitcoins never get lost in unresolved orders.

We've worked with vendors and buyers to resolve disputes ranging from trivial to very difficult both legally and technically.

Our mission is to create the whole trading experience as smoothest and safest as possible.

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  How we can help you

OpenBazaar 2.0 is the future of e-commerce that leaves all the power in your hands. However, with great power comes great responsibility so we will help you secure your decentralized trades.

Evaluate risks & rewards

OpenBazaar supports trading virtually any goods and services. Not all stores need the extra security of 2-of-3 multi-signature transactions. We will evaluate your security model and risks & rewards of moderated trades based on your needs.

Dispute resolution

In the case of a dispute, we'll gather as much information as possible from each party, evaluate the data and come to conclusion as per our moderation policy. We make sure both parties are treated fairly based on facts and evidence!

Funds recovery

There are times when the counterparty goes offline forever and OpenBazaar doesn't even lets you open a dispute. We will help you use tools to recover funds from abandoned trades.

  Moderation Policy

The below is based on @serp's moderation policy.

Payment Release

One of the biggest fears for sellers is that buyers will forget to release payment upon delivery. The intent for this policy is to recognize when that is the case as quickly as possible and then release payment to the seller.

For physical items where tracking shows delivered and the tracking information was provided when item was marked shipped, the buyer will have 2 Days from the time of dispute to respond or the payment will then be released to the seller.

In cases where the tracking number was not provided when shipped or the tracking updates are not updating then an allotment of time will be given for delivery before the buyer is given 2 Days to respond. The below table shows the amount of time that will be given from shipment before the buyer's time to respond can start:

Tracking Provided Tracking Status Location After Shipment
When Marked Shipped Delivered Any 1 Day
When Marked Shipped Unknown/Lost Domestic 10 Days
When Marked Shipped Unknown/Lost International 20 Days
Not Given / Late Any Any 30 Daya
Provable Digital Delivery 1 Day

If tracking shows item is in transit but no updates have been posted for 10 days then the status will be considered Unknown/Lost.

For physical goods, it is highly recommended that you include the tracking number as part of the transaction (when marking the item shipped).

The buyer may respond at any time before payment release and request more time or take part in the dispute process.


In the case of a dispute, both sides will present their evidence. Reasonable effort will be made towards a mutually agreed resolution.

If no resolution can be agreed upon then the evidence will be weighed and a decision will be made. If it is not clear whom the rightful party is then funds will be split based on the assessment of the moderator.

Digital Delivery Disputes

In order to properly moderate transactions involving digital delivery, a method to prove transfer to buyer is necessary. All information required to prove transfer should be included within the transaction.

It is the seller's responsibility to make sure the method and information are available and documented within the transaction.


Unless otherwise stated, failing to respond for 3 days during an active dispute will result in forfeiture of the dispute.


Any transaction that does not comply 100% with the laws of the buyer, seller, and moderator, may be considered void and no actions may be taken from the moderator.


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