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Crypto Law Consulting

Laws are often written in a way that is hard to understand and easy to get your company into troubles. When it comes to laws regarding cryptography and cryptocurrencies the situation is even less clear.

We help you save time, money and keep you out of prison when using these systems.

Our group consists of lawyers with legal skills, knowledge, and understanding of the blockchain technology.

Bitcoin is not only a payment method, but we understand the power of free transfer of value based on mutual agreement and strict privacy.

Our legal expertise is within Czech and Slovak legal framework which empowers Bitcoin enthusiasts to establish their legal activities in small and stable countries in the middle of Europe.

We believe we can only protect value where we truly understand the legal system and where it's possible to create anonymous trust as a legal person.

We are active in the local legal academical field.

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  Crypto & Legal

Have a look at a few potential use cases of cryptographic systems and cryptocurrencies in the legal world and how we can help you.

Accept Bitcoin

Accepting bitcoins in business comes with lots of regulatory requirements. We will provide you with legal and technical advice on how to legally accept Bitcoin for your business.

Prove ownership

We offer a legal and technical advice on how to store and prove ownership of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for the purpose of state authorities' documentation and investigation.

Money transfer, inheritance, donation

Providing secure, efficient and legal schemes for transferring, inheritance, and donation of decentralized cryptocurrencies and crypto assets.

Regulatory requirements

There are many regulations regarding financial instruments, income tax, capital gains and so on. We will help you navigate in this regulatory labyrinth to meet all the legal requirements.

AML/KYC compliance

We will assist you with AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) compliance for your business to identify and verify the identity of your clients.


Please note that we don't provide services such as an establishment of exchange markets and trading platforms.

If your business activities are based outside of Czech Republic and Slovakia we will try to get you in touch with a lawyer in your jurisdiction.

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